8. The Crystal Eggs, Part VIII   3 comments

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 8: The Crystal Eggs, Part VIII- Emergency Eggsit

Sundance and the Chicken Queen circled each other on the bridge, each waiting for the other to make the first move. Sundance knew that Timmy and Astralyn didn’t have time for him to play Chicken with the queen. He lunged at the pink chicken and tackled her to the floor. He sat atop her and began punching her face. His hand connected hard with her beak.

With a swing of her left arm, the Queen flung Sundance off of her and sent him flying onto her throne. The captain’s head lulled as he waited for the world to stop spinning. The Queen wasted no time in getting to him and threw him onto the floor. The poor human lay in heap beneath her. She stood over him and laughed. “What, no witty quip?”

“No, fresh out.” Sundance gave a swift kick between the Queen’s legs. “Right in the nuggets!” He crawled out from underneath her and got back to his feet. “That witty enough for you?”

“You will pay!” The Chicken Queen recovered from the attack and pulled a small knife out from underneath her feathers. “Your blood will stain my floors!”

“Might I suggest bleach?”

The Chicken Queen made a few stabbing motions as she stepped towards him. Sundance wasn’t scared for a moment. He did a roundhouse kick and knocked the knife out of her hand. He also took this time to pull out his mini laser gun and shot her in the chest. The Queen clutched her breasts dramatically as she fell to the floor.

Sundance wasted no time in running over to the control panel with the Eggs. He opened it and pulled out each egg one by one. He proceeded to throw them on the floor and watched them shatter into many pieces. The laser beam abruptly stopped, leaving the StarTango free to move about. Once he saw that the beam had stopped, Sundance breathed a sigh of relief.

He triumphantly stepped over the crystal shards and the Chicken Queen and just as he was just about out the door, something grabbed his left leg. Before he could make out that the Chicken Queen grabbed him, his face was on the floor.

“YOU. RUINED. EVERYTHING!” the Chicken Queen shouted. She stood up and kicked him in the stomach. “My revenge is not yet complete, but I can exact it on YOU!” She grabbed Sundance’s neck with one hand and clutched her knife with the other. “DIE!”

Sundance tried to keep his airway open by prying the Queen’s hand from his neck while using his left hand to fend off the knife. The Queen put more pressure on his neck. He was starting to black out. He heard her whisper, “Take your last breath.” He grew too weak to do anything but that. If he had to die he was glad that he was able to stop the laser.

“Get away from him, you bitch!”

A shot from a laser sounded and the Chicken Queen screamed in pain. Her hands released the knife and his neck. She rolled off of Sundance, dead. Sundance gasped as he sat up, rubbing his neck. He cleared the water from his eyes and saw that Timmy had rescued him.

“I thought I was fried for sure,” Sundance said as Timmy helped him up. “Nice quote, by the way.”

“I couldn’t come up with anything chicken related,” Timmy admitted.

“Go cluck yourself.”

“You are the wind beneath my wings, sir.”


The moment was interrupted as the ship took a massive laser blast. The ship shook; the bridge erupted in fire. “I think that was the Final Cannon,” Timmy said.

“Then it’s time to get out of here!” Sundance led the way out of the bridge, leaving the Chicken Queen and her minions to die.

Sundance and Timmy raced back to the StarTango and quickly sat in their seats.

“What the hell was that?” Astralyn asked.

“That was our cue,” Sundance replied. He started the engines and piloted the ship out of the docking bay. The Nugget suddenly exploded. The StarTango emerged victoriously from the flames.



“We are here tonight to celebrate bravery,” Astralyn said. She stood behind a podium outside of the New Earth Museum of Artifacts in a diamond sequined black dress. Her blonde hair was allowed to hang freely past her shoulders. She looked to her right at Sundance and Timmy who were wearing their dress white uniforms. “We are celebrating the bravery of these two space heroes: Captain Sundance Starmont and Lieutenant Septimus Falken.” The audience cheered as the two heroes bowed. “While we may not have regained the Crystal Eggs, we have them to thank for preserving New Earth, a true symbol of peace and hope.” The audience cheered some more. “It is with great pleasure that I award them with the Golden Eggs of Courage!”

Two staff members wearing black suits approached Astralyn with two small black boxes. She took them and showed them to the audience. She then pinned the little golden eggs to their uniforms. Sundance and Timmy smiled at each other as Astralyn gave them both small kisses on the cheeks. The enthusiastic crowd ooh’d and aah’d as they applauded more.

After the ceremony, Colonel Graves found them by the snack table in the courtyard. He was carrying a plate full of meat, cheese, and crackers and a glass of champagne. “You boys did me proud up there. You deserve it.”

“Oh, not at all, sir,” Sundance said. “You’re the one who shot the Final Cannon.”

“Oh pish posh!” the colonel said. “You boys go and party it up. That’s an order!”

“Yes, sir!” Sundance and Timmy said. The colonel walked away to go talk to some other officers.

Astralyn, who was waiting for a moment, stepped up to the two of them. Sundance shook her hand. “We had quite a time, didn’t we?”

“That we did,” Sundance replied. “I suppose we’ll always have the Nugget.”

“And thanks for the free passes to the museum,” Timmy said excitedly.

“Anytime,” Astralyn said.

“Otherwise how else would we see you?” Sundance asked, playfully.

“Well, I think you’ll be seeing a lot more of me in the coming weeks.” Astralyn chuckled in that ‘I Know Something You Don’t’ way. “Have a good evening, gentlemen.” She walked away, leaving the two of them in utter bewilderment.


Posted October 21, 2010 by Xanto P. Jones in Flash Fiction

3 responses to “8. The Crystal Eggs, Part VIII

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  1. Yay more chicken puns! :3 And hooray for a sweet end to this episode. Apparently there’s more in store if Astralyn is to be believed! 😀 I can’t wait for more, this is a fun series.

  2. I had been meaning to check out your stuff, and when I realized you’d been writing on here for over s year now, I decided it was time to get my butt in gear. I just finished this story line and it is really entertaining! Congratulations on your work. You should be very proud. 🙂


  3. Event pacing in this episode could use a little work, but it’s funny enough that it’s not terribly noticeable. Flow and flare are tops, though. Good job.

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