7. The Crystal Eggs, Part VII   3 comments

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 7: The Crystal Eggs, Part VII- What Would Sundance Do?


“NO!” Sundance shouted as the Chicken Queen pressed the ignition button. The ship shook as the laser on top of the Nugget let out an immense pink beam of light. It raced down to New Earth and slammed into ground, heating it up. The Chicken Queen laughed maniacally as she watched the scene. Sundance struggled against the ten chickens holding him down.

“Your planet is done for, Captain.” She turned to Sundance and lifted his chin with her finger. “You should feel so honoured to have front row seats.”

“I have a feeling that spitting in your face would be lost on you,” Sundance growled. “You animal!”

“Contain yourself or I might have to kill you before the grand finale.” The Chicken Queen slapped Sundance before she returned her attention back to the scene outside. She watched as the planet reddened with each pulse of the laser. Her revenge was almost complete.


Timmy and Astralyn ran as fast as they could to the StarTango knowing that their pursuers were right behind them. Timmy searched his pockets for the key but the chickens must have taken it when they confiscated his weapon. He wasn’t worried. They ran to the back door of the antique ship and knocked three times. The door magically opened. Just as Timmy and Astralyn made it safely inside, the chickens arrived with their laser rifles. They shot at the ship as the door slid closed.

“So now what?” Astralyn asked. “Do we wait for the captain?”

Timmy hadn’t thought of that. He was so focused on getting to the ship that he didn’t think of what to do afterwards. Sundance didn’t instruct him to. “I think he would want me to get you out of here.” He sat down in the pilot’s seat as the chickens continued to shoot at them. “Yeah, let’s get you out of here.”

Timmy pressed the ignition button and the ship’s rocket boosters fired up. When the ship left the floor, Timmy piloted it towards the closed bay doors. He fired two laser shots at them and they exploded. The oxygen quickly rushed out into space, taking the chickens with it. Timmy piloted the ship outside to see that the laser was firing at New Earth.

“Oh my god,” Astralyn gasped.

“Something must have gone wrong,” Timmy said.

“Should we go back?”

“The captain ordered me to get you out of there and that’s what I plan on doing!”

Astralyn looked at the red hot laser beam as it cut into the planet. “If the good captain doesn’t do something, there’s not going to be a planet to go back to!”

“Well maybe we can help him out.” Timmy pushed the rocket boosters to the max and flew above the egg shaped ship. The laser cannon was located on the top of the ship. “Let’s see how the Queen likes this!” He fired two torpedoes at it. He hoped he would see it explode, but the cannon was covered by a shield. “No way!” He fired two more shots. They yielded the same results.

“Now what?” Astralyn asked as she sat down in the co-pilot seat.

Timmy racked his brain. What would the captain do? Something reckless, no doubt. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He had to do something and he had to do it soon or New Earth would be doomed.

“Full power to shields,” Timmy commanded.

Astralyn looked at the control panel in front of her and searched for the shields. It was a small purple button that read ‘Shields’. She pressed it, and then pulled a lever down that controlled how much power went to them. “Shields at maximum.”

“I didn’t know you knew how to operate a ship,” Timmy said, impressed.

“My father is a pilot,” Astralyn replied. “Besides, if you didn’t think I knew how, why did you ask me?” Timmy shrugged. “I’m assuming you have a plan.”

“Boy do I.” Timmy kicked the ship into high gear and flew towards the laser beam.

“You’re not!”

“I am!”

The StarTango flew into the laser beam and impeded its journey to the planet. The shields started to absorb most of the beam’s power. Inside, the ship was shaking violently. Timmy and Astralyn braced themselves as they struggled to remain in their seats.

“What the hell are you doing?” Astralyn shouted.

“This should give the captain some time,” Timmy said.

“But how much time do we have?” Astralyn looked at the shields display and saw that they were already down 25%. “We won’t be able to keep this up forever.”

Timmy was well aware, but he hoped that Sundance would be able to come up with something soon.



“Sir, the beam has stopped a bit,” Sgt. Harriman reported to Colonel Graves. “We have a lock on the enemy ship.”

“Then let’s give ‘em hell!” Colonel Graves said. “Fire the Final Cannon!”

Sgt. Harriman typed in a few codes and the large cannon powered up. “Cannon will be ready to fire in three minutes.”

Graves prayed that they would pass swiftly.



Sundance watched as the StarTango placed itself between the laser and New Earth. He felt so proud of Timmy, but at the same time feared for his safety. The shields weren’t going to hold for much longer. If he didn’t do something soon Timmy and Astralyn would die. He knew that he was outnumbered, but he had to do something.

He looked down at his captors’ feet and gave them a mighty stomp. The ones that were holding him released him. Sundance quickly took out his mini laser gun and shot three of them. They fell to the ground and clucked in pain.

Three chickens rushed at Sundance only to have him punch them in the face.

“Restrain him!” the Queen shouted.

Sundance made quick work of the remaining chickens. They weren’t as tough as he originally thought. It was only him and the Chicken Queen left standing. This was going to be a fight to the death.


3 responses to “7. The Crystal Eggs, Part VII

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  1. Were they blocking the entire laser with their ship? Holy moly! 🙂 I can’t wait to see the ending for this.

    • Yeah! The StarTango can handle it. The beam isn’t that wide, just powerful. I think you will like the ending! Thank you so much for your readership! I look forward to your replies!

  2. Pink feathers vs. the guy who wears hot pink shorts. The showdown is ON.

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