6. The Crystal Eggs, Part VI   1 comment

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 6: The Crystal Eggs, Part VI- Escapade


The Chicken Queen watched as one of her subordinates placed the Crystal Eggs into a compartment that was designed specifically for them. The Eggs lit up as they were set inside. The chicken shut the compartment and a loud hum was heard. The Chicken Queen chuckled.

“Almost time now,” she said.

Sundance, who found this hard to watch, searched the cage for any sign of weakness. The chicken wire cage looked solid.

“You have a plan?” Timmy asked.

“I think I just might.” Sundance reached into his shoe and pulled out a small laser gun. He was glad that when the chickens confiscated their weapons, they didn’t check his shoes. He turned to his friends and grinned.

“Do you guys remember the way we got here?” he asked.

“You mean at gunpoint?” Astralyn replied.

“I do,” Timmy said, hoping to quell another argument.

“When I give you the signal, I need you guys to run back to the StarTango!” Sundance smiled as he held up his mini gun and shook it. “Ready?” Timmy and Astralyn nodded.

Sundance looked at the base of the cage. There was a small black box that served as the power supply. He aimed his tiny gun at it and fired. The box lit up and exploded. The cage gave one last electric flash before it was disabled.

“NOW!” Sundance grabbed the cage and lifted it over their heads, causing the guarding chickens to catch it instead of them.

The Chicken Queen gasped as she watched her prisoners escape. “AFTER THEM!” she cried. Her minions grabbed their weapons and chased after them.

Timmy looked behind him as they ran towards the end of the corridor. “They’re catching up to us.”

The corridor turned left and the three humans followed it. Sundance turned around and shot a few warning shots at their pursuers.

“I’d feel much better about this rescue if you had little more than a mini laser gun,” Astralyn remarked.

“You work with what you got,” Sundance replied.

The three heroes arrived at an elevator that would take them to the docking bay several decks below. Sundance pressed the button, but the doors did not open. He pressed the buttons hurriedly, even though he knew that the elevator would not come any quicker. He turned to Timmy and grabbed him by the shoulders.

“Timmy, you and Astralyn get back to the ship and get out of here. I will try to hold them off until the elevator comes.”

“What about you?” Timmy asked. It looked like he was going to cry. “How will you get out?”

“I’m going to see if I can take out that laser!” Sundance patted Timmy on the shoulders before he raced back down the hallway. He took a position at the corner and fired at the oncoming chickens.

The elevator finally arrived and the doors opened. Timmy ushered Astralyn inside. He pressed the down button and the doors closed.

Sundance saw that they had made it and he gave up his post. He ran down the hallway and tried to find a room he could hide in. All of the rooms needed a key card to enter. But each room had an entrance alcove. He used this to hide.

The chickens ran up to the elevator and saw that it was in use. The lead chicken clucked a few commands and then they ran back the way they came. Sundance cautiously peeked around the corner. They were gone.

“That was easy,” Sundance said to himself. “Now comes the hard part.” He stepped out into the hallway and tip toed his way past the elevator. He peered around the corner and saw the three chickens taking the stairs down to the docking bay. When the door to the stairway closed, Sundance made his move.

As he crept closer to the bridge, he saw chickens exiting the room and heading down the hallway away from him. This is good, Sundance thought. Now I don’t have to deal with as many of them. He waited for a few minutes before he took a deep breath and stepped inside.

The bridge was empty, except for the Chicken Queen standing at the main window, staring down at New Earth with contempt. Sundance hunkered down to the floor and quietly passed the upset chicken cage. There were many control panels that could be the one housing the Crystal Eggs. Unfortunately, they all looked the same and he wasn’t paying particular attention.

He looked to his left and saw that one of the panels was blinking red and blue lights. Could it really be that simple? Sundance made his way to it and pressed a corresponding button. The display opened up and revealed the five Crystal Eggs. Jackpot. He checked to make sure that the Chicken Queen wasn’t watching him. She was still glaring out the window. Sundance reached up and took one of the eggs off the panel. The loud humming the weapon was making as it powered down.

“Funny,” the Chicken Queen said. “I would have thought you would have escaped with your friends when you had the chance.” She turned around and saw Sundance taking the second Egg off the panel. “You poor fool.” She clucked and all of the chickens she dismissed returned and grabbed Sundance. He could have broken free if one or two of them held him, but not all ten.

The Chicken Queen replaced the Eggs and closed the panel. “A for effort, Captain. Now are at the front of the class so that you can better witness the end of your world!” She pressed a button and the hum returned. The weapon was fully charged. She gave Sundance a smug look as she pressed the power button.


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  1. Aiiiiie! She fired it! :O Talk about a cliffhanger! I can’t wait to see what happens next now! 🙂

    I like how you’re developing your characters, especially Astralyn! I’m excited to see what they’ll do now that Sundance is captured! That Chicken Queen is smarter than she looks! 🙂

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