3. The Crystal Eggs, Part III   4 comments

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 3: The Crystal Eggs, Part III- The Hunt


Sundance and Timmy pulled up to the New Earth Museum of Artifacts in their hovercar and parked. They had tried to find the curator at her apartment, but no one answered the door. The next logical place she would be was the museum.

Sundance didn’t wait for the car to power down before he jumped out and raced to the front door. Timmy was close behind. When they reached the glass front doors they found them to be locked. Sundance placed his hand on the window and looked inside through the shadow. He couldn’t see anything wrong; that’s what disturbed him the most. He knocked on the glass loudly in the hopes that Astralyn would answer. When a minute passed with no sign of anyone coming to answer the door, Sundance took out his laser pistol. Timmy looked surprised.

“Sir, you’re not thinking of breaking in.” Timmy took out his cell communicator and started looking up the number for the museum. “It’s possible that she’s on the other side of the building.” He found the number and pressed dial. The line beeped for a minute, but no one answered.

“Something’s not right.” Sundance cocked his gun and shot the lock on the door. A white laser beam shot out and melted the lock. He quickly yanked the door open before the lock cooled. Timmy hung up his communicator and sighed. He followed the captain inside.

The lobby was dark. There were a few displays of some rocks mined from one of the moons orbiting New Earth under glass. None of them were disturbed.

Sundance pulled a small flashlight from his utility belt and shined the light on the exhibits placed throughout the lobby.

“Miss Winner?” Sundance shouted. “Miss Winner, it’s Captain Sundance!”

“Maybe she’s in her office.” Timmy walked toward the stone column located in the centre of the lobby which served as a directory. He looked for a “You Are Here” indication on the map. The map listed where each exhibit was, but not really where the staff offices were. “Oh, check it out, they still have the Venus Lizard Exhibit here!”

“Focus, Timmy,” Sundance said. He focused the beam of light on the floor. It was so nicely polished that the light reflected back into his eyes. He searched the lobby for any signs of life. He stopped when he found a yellow feather resting by the directory. “Timmy!”

Timmy looked where Sundance was shining the light and gasped. He pulled out his laser pistol and cocked it. “The Space Chickens were here.” He looked on the floor behind him and found another. “There’s a trail.”

The two of them followed the trail down the hallway that specialized in an Old Earth exhibit, took a left to the hallway about the presidents of the United States of American, a right to the hallways about the dress of people in a Japanese district call Harajuku. At the end of the hallway, they saw that the emergency exit door was wide open.

They ran outside and found themselves in a grassy courtyard where people could sit and have a picnic lunch. Instead of little tables, there were scorch marks where a small shuttle had been. Sundance and Timmy lowered their pistols.

“We’re too late,” Sundance groaned. “They have her.”

“Now what do we do?” Timmy asked, placing his pistol back in it holster.

“We bring the fight to them.” Sundance walked back inside the museum. He was angry with himself. He should have been there earlier. He could have saved her. Hopefully, it’s not too late.


Astralyn awoke to the sound of clucking off in the distance. She was lying in a nest in a holding cell. The floor was completely covered in straw. The cell was placed in the center of a large room, lined with electrified chicken wire. She didn’t remember how she got there, but she had a pretty good idea. There were two large yellow chickens standing guard by the door staring at her in bemusement.

She knew what she was about to do was a bit trite, but she figured she would try. “Let me out of here! Please! I don’t have what you want!” The chickens just clucked and cocked their heads as they stared at her with their stark black eyes. She sat up and sighed in frustration. “Can I at least have some water?” The chickens just stared at her. “I suppose not.”

The door opened and the two chickens stepped out of the way as the pink feathered chicken walked in. Astralyn instinctively knew that this one was in charge, plus the crown helped a little.

“So, you’re the New Earth woman with the Egg,” the Chicken Queen said, folding her wings. “Do you have any idea how much trouble you’re in?”

“I don’t know what you mean,” Astralyn replied, folding her arms. “Maybe you can elaborate.”

The Chicken Queen laughed at her. “Your little game isn’t going to work with me, lady. I will not think twice about throwing your body out into the cold reaches of space if you don’t give me what I want.”

“I don’t have it with me, obviously.” Astralyn glared at the Chicken Queen.

“We searched the museum, the Egg isn’t there. Where is it?” The Chicken Queen got dangerously close to the cage. Astralyn took a step backward.

“I don’t know.” Astralyn resisted the urge to spit in the Queen’s face. “You know I wouldn’t tell you.”

“I will tear your planet apart,” the Queen said. “Bored now.” She motioned to the guards. “Bring her.”

The two guards approached the cage and turned off the electricity. They opened the cage and stepped towards Astralyn. She walked backwards until she hit the back of the cage. They grabbed her and she fought them tooth and nail. They were too strong for her to fight off. They dragged her off to meet whatever fate the Chicken Queen had for her.


4 responses to “3. The Crystal Eggs, Part III

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  1. I love how scatterbrained the chickens are! “Bored now.” Oh man, you have to put in some more good chicken puns, please? 🙂 This is so much fun to read! I can’t wait to see the next part. I wonder what the chicken weaponry is like? 😀

    • Chicken puns are a necessity! I don’t think I have quite enough. I’ll go back and sprinkle some more in!

      • One can never have too many chicken puns! LOL 😀 Btw, I forgot to mention that the name of their spaceship: Nugget — that’s awesome! lol

        I think the more the Chickens try to take themselves seriously, the funnier it will be for us. 😀

  2. Sorry it’s taken me so long, but hey! I got 3x as far this time and it’s making 98% more sense this time. Hilarious and good flow on the writing.

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