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This episode took me a while to write because I wanted to put in too much stuff. As I mentioned earlier, it is really difficult for me to write the beginning of a story. Trying to write within the Flash Fiction guidelines is proving quite difficult because there are so many details about the characters I want to put it. This form of writing is forcing me to bring only the important things to the fore, making me get on with the story.

When I write stories, they are mostly character driven. The other aspects of the novel, setting, description, usually take a back seat. It’s the interaction between the characters, the dynamic, the personalities that really intrigue me. I feel that my characters are a little one dimensional, just names on a screen. I suppose that is to be expected in a space opera. This is an homage to the old Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers genre. You have the dashing hero, Captain Sundance, his trusty sidekick, Timmy, and then the heroine, Astralyn.

Captain Sundance is your typical hot shot. He is the man that all the other S.P.A.C.E. agents want to be like. Sundance is a kick ass, take names kind of person who doesn’t think things through before he jumps into the fray. He’s a hero and he knows it so he’s a little pompous as well. I tried to play this up in this episode by giving Colonel Graves the “It’s nothing you two hotshots can’t handle,” line, but I think it fails. I’m hoping to play this up in later episodes.

Timmy is a bright eyed guy who idolizes Sundance and everything he does. Right now, I feel that Timmy is just there for the ride. He’s a place holder. He doesn’t really say anything. I’m hoping to build on this in the future.

Astralyn is still just the woman who needs to be rescued. I want there to be more to her than that. A lot of her personality will come through when Sundance will finally meet her… or at least I’m hoping so.


Be patient. I know with practice this will get better!


Posted September 9, 2010 by Xanto P. Jones in Writing Blog

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