2. The Crystal Eggs, Part II   2 comments

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 2: The Crystal Eggs, Part II- One Egg Short


On the bridge of the Space Chicken ship, the Nugget, the three thieving chickens presented the tray of Ovarium Silver Crystal Eggs to their queen. They knelt as the crown wearing pink chicken rose from her throne to inspect them. The silver light emanating from the eggs danced in her pitch black eyes. She picked up two and held them up against her face. They were cool and smooth. She sighed as she placed them back onto the tray. She looked at the remaining two and counted them. Her head jerked to the right and then straightened as she glared at her three lackeys.

“YOU FOOLS!” she shouted. The three chickens shuddered at the sound of her voice. “There are supposed to be FIVE eggs. FIVE! Where is the other one?”

“Bawk…They should be all there, your highness,” one of the chickens mumbled.


The three lackeys looked for themselves and counted only four eggs. “We don’t know how this could have happened, your highness.”

The Chicken Queen huffed as she walked over to the viewscreen window, displaying the blue and green planet that was New Earth. “I send you to do one simple task and yet you fail me.”

“That human woman must have taken an egg before I was able to get away,” the chicken holding the tray admitted. “She attacked me twice. She must have it.”

The Queen spun around dramatically and faced them. “Then you must go back and find this New Earth Woman. Bring me the egg!

“Yes, your majesty.” The three chickens stood up and flapped their way out of the bridge/throne room.

The Chicken Queen was left to stare out the window. Her black eyes glared at New Earth. “Oh, you will pay dearly for your insolence.” She let out a shrill cackle as if madness suddenly took her.


Meanwhile at the S.P.A.C.E. Force Headquarters, Captain Sundance and Lieutenant Timmy knocked on the door of Colonel Grover Graves with distressing news.

“Come in,” the colonel commanded. Sundance and Timmy opened the door and stepped into the elaborately decorated office. Patriotic banners of blue, gold, and red hung on all the walls. A shelf containing all of the colonel’s medals and certificates was placed just behind the colonel’s desk so that anyone walking in couldn’t miss it.

The slightly rotund colonel was leaning back in his burgundy executive chair when the two space heroes entered. “I heard the news about the Unveiling Event this afternoon,” the colonel said. “Nasty bit of business.”

“Yes, sir,” Sundance replied. Graves offered them to sit in the chairs in front of his desk. Timmy and Sundance obliged. “The Space Chickens came out of nowhere and started shooting up the place. They were after the New Earth Museum’s newest acquisition. Timmy.”

Timmy had brought a silver carrying case. He placed it on the colonel’s desk and opened it. He reached in and carefully pulled out the Ovarium Silver Crystal Egg. Graves eyed it suspiciously. “The curator there was able to save this one, but I’m afraid that the Space Chickens took the other four.”

“The one thing that disturbs me is how did they manage to sneak past our satellite security system?” Colonel Graves asked. “They shouldn’t have been able to get close enough to the Crystal Eggs to begin with.”

“I suspect that they used some kind of jamming technology unknown to us,” Sundance suggested.

“If that’s true, then they could still be out there and we wouldn’t know it,” the colonel said. “I’ll get the scientists to remedy this right away.”

“Another question is why now?” Timmy asked. “We’ve had the Eggs for almost a century with no incident. Why would they suddenly turn on us?”

“Sir,” Sundance stood up. “If the Space Chickens realize that there is one egg missing, they’ll surely be back for it.”

“I’ll put the base on high alert,” the colonel said. He reached for the red phone on his desk. “Prepare the laser cannons for attack. There are enemy ships in orbit. I want them shot down.” He hung up the phone and looked at Sundance and Timmy. “Put the egg in a high security vault. When those sons of bitches come back, I want them to work for it.”

“Yes, sir,” Timmy and Sundance replied.

“And find that curator. The egg might not be the only thing the chickens are after.”

“But sir, we don’t usually play babysitter,” Sundance said.

“Oh come on! It’s nothing you two hotshots can’t handle!”

Sundance and Timmy saluted. After Timmy packed the Crystal Egg away, they hurriedly left the office.

“Do you really think the chickens will come back for the curator?” Timmy asked while trying to keep up with his partner’s fast pace.

“I’d bet my breakfast on it,” Sundance said.


Astralyn was still a little shaken up by the afternoon’s events. She had never encountered a Space Chicken before, nor had she experienced a theft of that magnitude. She knew that she should have gone home, but she felt better being at the museum. She found that if she kept her mind busy it would keep her from thinking about unpleasant things.

It was evening so the museum was closed. Astralyn was able to do some paperwork she wouldn’t have gotten to due to the Unveiling. The Board of Directors were not going to be happy about the theft. She dreaded telling them as she typed up the report. When she finished that, she walked around the building to make sure the museum pieces were in order. She took inventory and made notes on her clipboard.

As she was jotting down notes about the Eustace Diamonds, she heard the sound of a door shutting. It sounded like it came from the lobby. “Hello?” She placed the clipboard on a glass case belonging to another exhibit and left to investigate the noise.

Maybe it was the cleaning crew coming in, she thought. Or maybe it was the police looking to get a statement.  

When she reached the lobby, she didn’t find signs of the police or the cleaning crew. She checked the doors and windows to make sure they were locked, they were. She was about to dismiss the noise as something her mind created when she spotted something on the floor by the soda machine. She slowly walked over to it. She gasped when she saw that the object was a yellow feather. But by then, it was too late.


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  1. First off, giant pink chicken queen is amazing! I also loved the detail about Graves’s office with the trophies right there so everyone can see them! That says so much about his character. 🙂 This is so cartoony, I love it!

    • Thank you! Description is something I’m working on, details and the like. Hopefully I’ll get better with this! I’m so glad that you are enjoying this! Thanks so much for your comments!

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