1. The Crystal Eggs, Part I   8 comments

Meanwhile in Space…

Episode 1: The Crystal Eggs, Part I- The Unveiling


The intrepid galactic space heroes Captain Sundance Starmont and Lieutenant Septimus “Timmy” Falken joined the crowd of people gathered at the steps of the New Earth Musuem of Artifacts. There was a table with black velvet coverings set up at the top of the first set of steps. Something tall was covered by a red sheet.

“Isn’t this exciting, Captain?” Timmy asked boyishly. While the lieutenant was twenty one years old, he still had the tendency to revert back to a young teenager when he was excited. He was a tall, yet skinny lad with short black hair that was parted down the middle, fair skin, and stunningly blue eyes. He proudly wore his S.P.A.C.E. Force uniform that were black and grey on top with, yellow stripes on the sleeves and a sun emblem over his left breast, and black slacks, patent leather shoes.

“In a word,” the captain replied. Sundance was twenty eight years of age, a little shorter than Timmy and well muscled. He had tan skin and deep brown eyes. His dark red hair was military cut with his bangs styled up.  His uniform was identical to Timmy’s except for the pink hot shorts he wore.

“These unveiling events are all the same,” Sundance continued, taking a sip of champagne. “People show up, the staff talks, they show off the shiny thing, the staff begs for money, and everyone goes home.”

“If you hate these events so much, why did you come?” Timmy asked.

“Because you were so excited about it I thought I’d come and see what you were drooling about.” Sundance patted his comrade hard on the back, causing Timmy to spill his glass of champagne  onto the woman in front of him. She turned around and glared at them as she tried to dry her hair.

A woman wearing a light blue dress stepped up the podium in front of the covered table. Sundance’s gaze was brought immediately to her. Her blonde hair was done up in an executive looking bun. Her skin was white. He couldn’t quite make out what colour her eyes were, but he was sure they were a sight to behold. She tapped on the microphone and asked for everyone’s attention.

“Thank you, everyone, for coming today! My name is Astralyn Winner. I am the Chief Curator for the museum. Welcome to history in the making!” She clapped her hands, which promoted everyone else to clap. “Today is a very important day. We here at the New Earth Museum of Artifacts are very happy to bring you something that we thought had been long lost during the Free Range War.” More people clapped. “As you know, a hundred years ago, the Space Chickens and the Old Earth Fleet fought for dominance of the Milky Way Galaxy. In the end, we won, but lost our planet in the process. When we moved to New Earth, as a sign of peace and hope for future peaceful meetings, the King of the Space Chickens gave us the Ovarium Silver Crystal Eggs!”

Astralyn motioned to a staff member who approached the table behind her. “Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present to you… the Ovarium Silver Crystal Eggs!” She nodded and a man wearing a black three piece suit grabbed the red cloth and yanked it off the display. An elaborate tray was revealed. It was propped up so that the five large ostrich sized shiny eggs could be seen by the crowd. The eggs were beautifully crafted out of what looked like solid ice. The crowd ooh’d and ahh’d as they shone in the intense sunlight. Astralyn led the crowd in applause. “May their presence inspire all of us across the galaxy to hope for peace!”

“That was beautiful,” shouted a voice from behind Sundance and Timmy. “But what about the Space Chickens? Whatever happened to them?”

Astralyn approached the microphone and replied, “Well, if you remember from the history books, the Space Chickens went back to their galaxy and lived the rest of their days in peace and harmony.”

“The cluck they did!”

The sound of laser fire caused everyone to duck and instantly run for cover. Sundance and Timmy immediately whipped out their S.P.A.C.E. Force laser pistols and armed them to stun. They scanned the panicked crowd for the people with the guns, but there was too much movement.

More laser fire sounded and the people screamed some more. As the courtyard emptied Sundance was finally able to see who the culprits were: two seven foot, very yellow mutant chickens. They shot into the air with their large laser rifles.

“Space chickens!” Timmy shouted as he hid behind a cement planter.

“The oversized chicks are back!” Sundance dove behind the planter with Timmy and shot at the closest chicken. His opponent ducked behind another cement planter with a palm tree in it. The other space chicken took shelter behind a pillar in the courtyard. Sundance took a moment to look back at the podium and saw that Astralyn was hiding behind it.

“Give us the Crystals!” one of the chickens shouted.

“NEVER!” Astralyn shouted. “They are a symbol…”

A chicken shot at the podium. Astralyn screamed.

Sundance and Timmy stood up and shot at the two laser happy chickens. The chickens ducked behind their respective shields and waited until the enemy’s fire ended.

“HELP!” Astralyn shouted. Sundance looked back and saw that another space chicken had appeared and snuck up behind Astralyn. It pushed her aside and made a grab for the Crystal Eggs. “They’re taking the eggs!”

Timmy tried to make a move to stop the chicken, but he was shot at. The blast almost hit him in the back of the head. He immediately got down on the ground and placed his hands on the back of his head.

Astralyn jumped up and attacked the thieving chicken. She attempted to wrestle the tray of eggs out of its hands, but once again, she was pushed to the ground. She watched as the chickens finally retreated. Timmy slowly stood up and surveyed the courtyard. It was completely empty. There were no sign of the chickens… not even an errant feather.

“Captain, should we chase after them?” Timmy asked, replacing his pistol into his hip holster.

“No.” Sundance walked over to Astralyn and helped her up. He saw that she had green eyes. He couldn’t help but smile. “I’m S.P.A.C.E. Agent Captain Sundance and this is Lieutenant Timmy. Are you hurt, ma’am?”

“No, I’m fine, thank you.” she replied. “They sure made a mess of things.”

“Sorry about your ceremony,” Timmy said. “They took your eggs.”

“Well, not all of them.” Astralyn reached underneath the podium and pulled out a Crystal Egg. “I managed to save one of them.”

Sundance looked at the egg and sighed. As the sunlight danced inside the glassy object, Sundance knew that the chickens would come back for it.


8 responses to “1. The Crystal Eggs, Part I

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  1. I’ll tell you great job when I get done laughing my butt off.

    “Space chickens!” HAHA!

  2. Welcome to Tuesday Serial. A very cool start which had me chuckling from the off. I particularly like the way you got straight down to the action with only a small bit of exposition which didn’t read like an info dump. I look forward to paying another visit to your square jaw heroes soon.

  3. Thank you so much for the positive comments!

  4. “The cluck they did!” – that has to be on of the best one-liners ever!! 🙂

    Space Chickens! I can’t tell you how awesome that is. I love how seriously the characters are taking it as well. It literally hit me out of nowhere and I couldn’t help but keep reading to see what happened next.

    If you’re looking for something to improve on, I would suggest not giving so much physical description all in one place. I got a little lost in it. Try focusing on the most important physical details and encorporating some action with them – Timmy’s S.P.A.C.E. jacket is a good example: You could show his pride for it by having him react angrily when the chickens attack and something gets spilled on his jacket. Then we see how much he cares about it.

    This is a great idea with lots of action and I’m excited to see where you take this! I can tell you’re having a lot of fun with it. 🙂

    • Yeah, you’re right about the detailed descriptions. I usually give out character descriptions piecemeal throughout the body of the work, but I figure the flash fiction model would be different it’s best to get the character description out of the way and focus on the story later. Meh, I’ll try it again and see what I can work out! Thanks for the advice! 😀

  5. Hi, I really enjoyed this and looking forward to reading more.

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